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PayPal is the easiest, most cost-effective way to process payments online. That's why we recommend that you use them.  Their security is top notch and their system is the best in the business.

If you're interested in learning about PayPal's fees, you can click this link:

The Benefits of Using PayPal with Your Account
1.    Instant Approval and Easy Setup – Just Follow the Guide Below;
2.    Increase Your Payment Options – With No Added Fees;
3.    Low Transaction and Processing Fees – So You Keep Your Hard Earned Dollars;
4.    You Only Need an Email Address to Get Started!

Using PayPal, you can transfer your earnings from the marketplace conveniently and receive payments from affiliate referrals.  Easy, online access to your earnings is only a few steps away – just follow the guide we’ve prepared to make the process a bit easier.

Step 1: Start Here!

To get started, click the PayPal logo below and you will be re-directed to the start of the sign up process.

Step 2: Choose Business Account Type

Click the "Get Started" button under the Business heading.

Step 3: Choose Payment Option

Select website payments standard from the drop down menu.

Step 4: Follow the PayPal Sign-up Wizard

The new PayPal sign-up wizard outlines the steps you can take to confirm your new PayPal account and link it to your bank account for easy payments. Follow the steps outlined in the wizard, as seen below, complete with time estimates to complete each step of the process.

Following the steps in the wizard will:

  • Confirm your email and contact information
  • Confirm your business and customer support details
  • Attach and confirm a bank account for direct payments


Using Your PayPal Account to Transfer Your Earnings

Now that you’re signed up with and PayPal, your earnings will be automatically transferred into your PayPal account.  That’s right, you won’t need to fill out bulky transfer forms, or spend hours to get your money transferred – because it’s automatic, and it’s easy.  With your new PayPal account you can link it directly to your bank account to cash out whenever you want, with only a few clicks of the mouse.  

If you need any help with your new PayPal account, visit the official Help Center or contact Andy, our direct representative at PayPal via his toll-free direct line at 1-866-445-3167 Ext. 34686.


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